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Uechi-Ryu Karate
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Merit Badges

Merit Badge Expert, Reggie Went

In addition to gradings, merit badges may be achieved by completing certain tasks.

Badge examinations are normally restricted to one or two badges per month, in order to keep training costs down. Students may decide which badges they would like to be examined for, alternatively a badge can be chosen for the student by the instructor. Merit Badge examinations may be taken at any time, with the permission of the instructor.

The numbers of the badges are not sequential. They are the manufacturers numbers and have been taken from a larger list, some of which are for Judo etc.

Badges should be sewn on the upper sleave of the Karate suit, starting with the left sleeve first. They should be sewn in rows of three starting at the top of the sleeve with a maximum of fifteen on each arm.

The instructor will keep a record of badges passed by students, however why not download the following chart and keep your own record of progress.

Reggie's sleeves are covered with badges

Badge Number Description - English Desription - Japanese
1 High block Jodan Age Uke
2 Circular block Wa-Uke
3 Lower body block Gedan-Barai
4 Knifehand block Shuto-Uke
5 Inner & outer foream block Uchi-Ude-Uke & Soto-Uke
6 Reverse punch Gyaku-Zuki
7 Front hand punch / lunge punch Oi-Zuki
8 Step & punch / lunge punch OI-Zuki
9 Backfist punch Uraken
10 Front kick Mae-Geri
11 Roundhouse kick Mawash-Geri
12 Side kick Yoko-Geri
13 Back kick Ushiro-Geri
14 Hook kick / back roundhouse / spinning kick
15 Jumping / flying kick
16 Front forward stance Zenkutsu Dachi
17 Cat stance Neko-Dachi
19 Horse stance Shiko-Dachi
25 Leg stretch
26 High kick
27 Splits (Box or Scissors)
28 Japanese counting 1-10

Learn how to count from 1 - 10 in Japanese
29 Japanese knowledge (naming kicks, blocks and punches)
31 Belt tied correctly
32 Self-defence
33 Attending a Uechi-Ryu course / seminar or another class
34 Sparring
66 Junior instructor
67 Taking part in a Uechi-Ryu display / demonstration or displaying kata, bankai or pre-arranged kumite in class
68 Bring a friend